Does Dictation Need To Be Perfect ?

In a word, No. If you are happy with that answer and just want to get on with it, that’s great, please head over to the Typing Services page for more info and if you are happy with our rates and services please get in touch.

For a longer answer keep reading.

Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim and Edited Verbatim

Do not be put off by these words, they are just jargon to describe what an audio typist or transcriptionist automatically does. If you want an absolute definition, try Wikipedia. The information below is to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Edited Verbatim

Edits the speaker’s words to make them grammatically correct. This means you don’t have to concentrate too much on the exact words you use.  Just speak your thoughts. Be creative.

Do you want to use an audio transcription service to write a blog, a book, social media post or a letter? This is the typing service for you.

Are you happy with that explanation? Is it the service you need?  If so, please go to the Typing Services page and get in touch.

Intelligent Verbatim

This is used for conference or podcast transcription. It keeps most of the words but makes the following changes,

  • Removes any errs and ums,
  • Changes any mispronounced words such as wanna, gonna etc to “want to” and “going to”,
  • Removes repeats of words unless made on purpose,
  • Removes repeated phrases such as “know what I mean?”.

Is this the transcription service you want? I transcribe video recordings as well as audio recordings. Prices can be found on the Typing Services page.

Pure Verbatim

Are you still with me? You are either really interested in this subject or work for market research or the police.

Pure verbatim includes everything, every um and er, every word or half word, every stutter.

Usually, this is used for interviews so that when it is reviewed you can get a feeling for the person speaking.

Did I mention that this is a service I provide?

Do you need an audio transcription service? I am Liz Bailey of Love Typing and I have over 15 years experience in audio transcription. If you need any of the services mentioned above please call me on 07974 701526 or email

Audio Typing Services, Wrexham


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