An Invoice For a Professional Plumber

I was asked to create an invoice for a professional plumber. The plumber did not use bookkeeping software and draws up all of his invoices manually. The intention was to improve the overall professional impression of the plumber.

Investment In Design Essential For Qualified Tradespeople

My client already has invested significantly in his professional appearance by purchasing a smart looking van. He also has had signwriters design a logo and attach this to the side of his van. This means he can be clearly identified when he is out and about.

Microsoft Word Used For Invoice Design

I design invoices as either Microsoft Word documents or Excel documents. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you are comfortable with it. In this instance my client chose Word.

We Were Unable To Access The Plumber’s Logo

A logo in the top right hand corner of a letter or invoice always looks professional. However, due to time constraints we were unable to access the logo from the original signwriters used by my client.

Instead, the plumber approved a very similar logo that I designed, and that was attached to the invoice.

Clear Payment Columns

The boxes created on the invoice allow plenty of space to list billable items, charges and VAT.

Business Details Added

To make more space on the page I created a box along the bottom of the invoice. This box was in the plumber’s brand colours showing his business name, address, company number and contact information.

Payment details and also shown on the invoice save time when raising future bills.

Contact Me For Invoice and Document Design

Do you need a professional document? Would an improved invoice or quote give your business a more professional appearance? I can create an invoice for a professional plumber, an electrician or any other tradesperson. So, give me a call or text on 07974 701526 or email me at

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