Virtual Assistant Services For Sole Traders

Virtual Assistant services include marketing, creative, secretarial, and technical help provided by a remote worker.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just do the work you love and not have to get involved in any of the complicated stuff that seems so important nowadays. Imagine being able to relax at the end of a work day.

To solve this problem many people now use Virtual Assistant services. Which ones will help your business?


Marketing is not just for large businesses. As a sole trader or small business you need to be found easily by potential customers. This starts with a decent website. But more is needed, social media, blogging and other strategies that make people aware of your business or send you higher up on a Google search all take time and technical knowledge.

I can help with social media that make people more aware of you, blogs and other SEO strategies that send you up the Google listings, newsletters that keep interested parties engaged.

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The best contents needs to be well presented to gain attention. Whether that is social media images, invoices, reports, marketing brochures or presentations.

I create Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents that look professional and are easy to read. They can also be converted to pdfs that are easy to send online.

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Do you have a book that needs typing? Or do you require minutes to be taken at meetings? Maybe you have a conversation that needs to be transcribed. All of these may take you longer than you think.

By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant like me you can concentrate on other things instead.

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