Freelance Secretary

About Liz The Whiz

I am all about being a freelance secretary for tradespeople and other people who find it challenging to stay organised or simply don’t want to. As a freelance secretary, I help people make their ideas a reality by doing the bits they think of as boring and time-consuming such as:



Social Media



Website Promotion

Who I Work With

I especially like to work with creative people who often see themselves as disorganised. I see them as concentrating on the bigger picture and they inspire me. They are the ones who say to me “Can’t your computer do that somehow?” They don’t need to know how it works, they just want the result.

I also really enjoy typing up the whole or part of someone’s life story. It is always so interesting and I learn so much. It is a privilege to learn from the different perspectives that I type.

Becoming A Secretary

I started office work in Nottingham, as a receptionist and junior typist, doing both copy typing and audio typing, then becoming a secretary and not long afterwards – a PA.

A few car parks with strict clamping companies were given to me to look after. I must have done an excellent job of managing the tenants and clamping company because a portfolio of properties soon came my way. The full title of that job was Property Management Administrator.

Throughout my career what I enjoy most is supporting various creative professionals to develop their ideas; they think it and I implement it! I also feel triumphant when a disorganised person asks for an address, phone number or other information and I have it there to hand!

Becoming Liz The Whiz

I began the business Love Typing initially as a typing service and soon found work typing for local people.

However, I find all aspects of Virtual Assistant work really interesting. There is something about software and technology intriguing and I love to make the most of it.

Social media and website design and promotion are now jobs I thoroughly enjoy and at which I am now proficient.

Both clients and family frequently call me “Liz The Whiz” – therefore my business name. For more of my secretarial history check out my LinkedIn profile.

Where I Work

I live in semi-rural North-East Wales, halfway between Wrexham and Llangollen. Despite that, I’m only a 20-minute drive from Chester and an hour from either Liverpool or Manchester. I haven’t always lived here though. I was born, lived and worked in Nottingham until 2003 when I got married and left the city.

North Wales is a beautiful place to live and I love it here. Did I mention it’s only a 45-minute drive to the nearest beach?

About Me

I’m married to Karl who has an amazing business mind and is a great source of creativity We have a cat and a tortoise and an abundance of nephews and nieces. From time to time I like to go for a walk. In fact, I’ve managed to make it to the top of Snowdon 3 times. It is also my aim to get to the local swimming pool once a week.

In the summer we head for the beach as often as possible, but in the winter, you will most likely find me by the log burner, indulging my passion for crochet or doing my best to get a tune out of the piano.

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