In Need of More Work – An Excellent Roofer

” I’m in need of more work.” said my client, the roofer. Previously he had never had a problem receiving enquiries for his services. One large advert in Yellow Pages each year had done the trick.

But, times had changed.

the Yellow Pages adverts were no longer working for him. There was a website, but it was old and in need of his attention. Additionally, my client had no social presence at all, not even personally, and he didn’t know where to start.

A Victim of His Own Success

On top of all that the market was very competitive. Over the years he had trained many roofers in the Oswestry area and they were now all vying for the same work.

Website Upgrade

We began by a complete upgrade of his website. He provided quite a few pictures and we discussed the type of work he does and who he normally works for. A lot of similar words came up so we knew those were the ones he was looking for.

SEO That Brings Extra Work

In addition to using keywords and good structure on the website. We worked together to implement other SEO strategies. At times it required my client forwarding emails to me. It also required him having to field off everyone trying to sell him space on a directory. The majority of the time he passed my phone number over so I could talk to them. We did however find one directory that was worth paying for and it made a lot of difference.

Adding listings on Google and Bing were also essential for my client to be found.

Social Media Begins

It was a shock for my client to begin his social media journey. But he didn’t need to do anything. Once set up (again my client having to click on confirmation emails at times), I did the rest. We added image headers to all of his social media sites and stated exactly what he would do. All notifications were dealt with by me and enquiries brought to the attention of my client.

Next we started posting. My client would WhatsApp pictures to me of his work, and as he isn’t much of a texter would send a brief message or leave a recording. I did the rest.

A Two-Pronged Approach

A blog is created from the roofer’s messages and approved by him. Next I send out posts to social media sites referring to the blog post. A newsletter is not important at this time, but can be implemented in the future. We didn’t need to do tonnes and tonnes, one or two blogs each week was enough to create a professional appearance and bring in more jobs.

Marketing Success – My Client Receives More Jobs

The tide soon began to turn. My client gradually made his way onto the first page of Google for his chosen search terms. And work started to come in. My client had to employ two additional roofers to help with the work he was receiving.

Enquiries for more work came in on the phone, by email and via Facebook and LinkedIn. These clients then recommended my client to their contacts, because he is, at the end of the day, a top-quality professional roofer. Now he is booked up for three months and is able to pick which work he wants to do.

A Happy Customer Who Has More Work Than He Can Handle

This is what my client had to say:

Whatever you are doing Liz, it’s working. I’ve had another enquiry this evening. I’ve had more enquiries in the last month than I have in the last 12. Someone I spoke to said I have the most professional looking roofing website and social media in the area.

MB Weston Rhyn

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this client. We have a catch-up once a month or so and, apart from sending me a few photos and some descriptions, he doesn’t have to do much and gives me a free hand.

Are You In Need Of More Work?

Are you in need of more work? Have things dried up lately as the market or business has changed? If so, give me a call or text on 07974 701526 or email me at Let’s get you more work.

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