Get More Business From Your Newsletter

Now that someone has given you their email address and permission to email them how can you make the most of this opportunity and get more business from your newsletter?

Treat their trust with respect

You have been given something very precious by your potential client, an email address and permission to send regular messages. It is like your relationship has moved onto an improved footing so regularly give them something back in return.

This could be news about you personally that you don’t share with anyone else, the first look at your blog or access to offers that won’t be available to those not on your list. This adds value to your newsletter and will encourage your potential clients to stay subscribed and opening your newsletter every time it arrives in their inbox.

Speak to one person

Copy an age old radio presenter’s trick, don’t imagine your whole audience but imagine you are writing this as a direct email to your favourite or ideal client. Your email doesn’t need to speak to everyone, it needs to speak to people you want as your client.

Make the most of the statistics available to you

MailChimp provides statistics of who has opened or clicked on what. Make the most of this. It gives you two vital pieces of information

  1. Who is likely to be your next client.
  2. What catches people’s interest the most (hint – Videos do)

Be clear what action you want your reader to take

Whether you want your reader to email you, ring you or buy something let them know that. Equally importantly, MAKE IT EASY for them. Add a link or a phone number. We are all busy and more likely to take action if it is easy.

In Summary

  1. Give your subscriber something that is only available to them.
  2. Think about what you want the subscriber to do.
  3. Tell them what you want them to do.
  4. Leave a link so they can do that with just a click.

Newsletter Tech Support

There are so many different options in sending mass emails, MailChimp is very popular and is all singing and dancing. The question is not what can it do but what do you want it to do for you?

If you have thought about sending a newsletter but decided that learning another programme is just too much,  call or text me on 07974 701526 or email to We can chat about your requirements and the best way forward for you. 

 Use Your Newsletter to Get More Business


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