Audio Transcription Service

A video and audio transcription service is generally used to:

  • Prevent conflict
  • Resolve conflict.
  • Ensure smooth running of personal and business relationships.
  • Provide proof and supporting evidence when conflict arises.

A confidential transcription service is important because these recordings are often of a sensitive nature.  Do you need someone to transcribe audio to text? I also transcribe video to text. This includes transcribing streamed video to text.

Personal Transcription Service

Your recordings are transcribed by me personally. I do not outsource to anyone else.

Professional Transcription Service

You will be looking for the best audio transcription service. Consequently, I always strive for excellence and professionalism. I will always provide you with a well-presented document that is easy to read.

A Quick Turnaround

A quick turnaround is always important. With this in mind, up to 120 minutes audio or video is usually returned as text in 24 hours. Otherwise, please call me about longer pieces. I am also happy to work with a team on larger or bulk transcriptions.

Well Presented Documents

Your transcription is returned as either a Word document or as a pdf. However, I also regularly work with templates provided by clients. My online transcription service gives you quality, accurate transcripts.

Experienced Transcriptionist 

I have been audio typing for more years than I would like to say. Consequently, suffice to say, I’m an experienced transcriptionist.  For example, here is a list of the type of projects I have worked on. 

  • Affidavits
  • Court Documents
  • Property Surveys
  • Leases
  • Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Service Charge Documents
  • Blogs
  • Web Pages
  • Ebooks
  • Training Manuals
  • Social Media Posts

Transcription Prices

In order to learn more, view my transcription rates on the page Typing Service.

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Your next step to peace of mind is to call or email me today. I may not be a large transcription company, but I do provide a personal service. I look forward to hearing from you. If you are located near me we can meet in person.

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or read on about other ways a transcription service can help your business.

Blog Transcription

When you love creating, the last thing you want to do is pause your work and start blogging. It can take the joy out of your business. By recording your blog and sending it for transcription your blog can be completed in a quarter of the time. I can type straight into your WordPress website, with your permission of course, or send the text back to you for insertion.  This will leave you free to focus on the work you love.

Newsletter Transcription

A good newsletter is a mixture of pictures, videos and text. If you provide the images and a recording of any text I can prepare your newsletter.  If you would like to send the newsletter yourself I can return the text to you ready for insertion. Or I can deal with the whole newsletter business for you leaving you free to get lost in the work you love.  If you would like to learn more about this, please call me on 07974 701526 or email

Conference Call Transcription

Client instructions are often received over the phone or via a video call or conference call. When taking notes do you find you can’t read them back afterwards? Or that whilst writing your client’s instructions you are thinking of ideas immediately but can’t write those down too? Many people record a call which can be useful but this needs to be played through each time you want to review it.

I can transcribe a recorded client call so you can review the conversation and make notes at your leisure. You can be sure that you catch everything your client has said and asked for. That, in turn, means the work you do for them will be to a much higher standard.

Coaching Call Transcription

Is this a service you are providing to your coaching clients? Part of the service you provide them may be a long chat about their work, you may also provide a recording of that chat. However, your client is busy, they may not want to keep playing back an hour’s recording, instead, they may just want the highlights.

A transcription of the phone call will make you stand out from your competitors, giving your clients something extra that other coaches do not provide. They will be able to take notes and review the conversation at ease. It will also give you some easy-to-review notes too.

You could factor the price into your coaching cost or add it as an extra service.

Complaint Call Transcription

When making a serious complaint it is very important that you are clear on what was said. Many people keep a recording of the conversation. However, what if you want to escalate the complaint? You may want to obtain a transcription of the complaint telephone call. This will show the company you mean business and may result in a quicker settlement of the matter, saving you money and time in the long run.

Scam Call Transcription

How many scam calls do you receive each day? The majority of mine seem to arrive at around lunch time. Some scam calls are more serious than others and if you have real concerns you may want to pursue the matter. How can you get more people to back a campaign or see the matter as serious? They may not be willing to listen to a whole recording, especially if at times the diction of the scammer is unclear. A transcription of the recording can easily be distributed to assist you in your campaign.

Small Biz Geek based in Nottingham used this service to uncover a company trying to scam web developers. You can read about it here and see how important transcription of phone calls was in showing the fake nature of the supposed web regulation company

Proclaimed Web Industry Regulator Sells Low-Quality Business Leads

Video Transcription

Everyone will tell you if you want to market your business, you need to use videos. They are certainly eye-catching and they work. They work because people are busy. However, if your client or customer is busy and a fast reader you may find they do not stop and take the time to watch your video. The reason being they want something they can skim read, something with headings that they can have a quick look through and absorb. A transcription of your video will make it appeal to both groups of people – those who watch and those who read. This could double your business reach. It will make your business stand out amongst your competitors. The end result? Yours will be the business that grows faster.

A website that does this successfully is and you can see an example on

How To Start A WordPress Blog The Right Way

I have to admit, I am one of those people who tend to skip a video and look for something to read instead. Especially a tutorial. I like to go back step by step and analyze what is said.

I can transcribe from a wide variety of video recordings. Once you are happy with the transcription the document can be converted to a PDF for easy download.

Podcast Transcription

Do you use podcasts as part of your marketing or training? Imagine if you could double their reach. A transcription of your podcast can reach people who prefer reading to listening. It can be reviewed and annotated by those who can benefit from it most.

I can provide a downloadable PDF of your podcast that enhances your website.

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