Think of using my services like putting an advert in a newspaper. It’s all about people noticing you. Because once they see how great you are they will ask you to work for them.

Using my services will either help you make money, save money, or give you more time.

This is an outline of the rates you will pay in order to give you a rough idea.

per hour
Contact Me
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What That Really Means

In real terms this is what you are looking at:

New Social Media Profile
Make Social Media Profile Professional
Sort My Social Media
PowerPoint Presentation
Create a Distinct Template
Design a Template
Pageful of Typing
Accurate and Well Presented
Save Me Time

Typing Prices

Copy Typing£12 per thousand words
Audio Typing£1.20 per spoken minute
(1 Person)
Blog TypingFrom £50 per month
Newsletter TypingFrom £50 per month

A Bespoke Quote

All of my clients have different requirements, so it is best if you get in touch and I will provide a bespoke quote to meet your business needs.

Give me a call today on 07974 701526 or email me, liz@lizthewhiz.co.uk for a free 30 minute chat so that we can get you more jobs and commissions. Let’s make more people aware of the excellent work that you do.

let's do this


More work for your business.
Your life remembered forever.
Your imagination becomes a world shared by others.