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Transcription Services

When you need transcription services you need a quick turnaround. I return your transcribed text as quickly as I can. Call or email now to check for availability on 07974 701526 or

Whether it’s audio transcription or video transcription I’m happy to help. 

Audio Transcription Service

Typing Services

I offer a confidential and professional typing service that gives creative people the freedom to get lost in their work. Whether it is book typing, help with emails, newsletters, social media, or document typing I am happy to help.

Memoirs and Personal Histories

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, more people have had time to write their memoirs and personal histories. It has been my pleasure to type some of these. See why memoir writing is important to preserve family history

Good Presentation Is Important

Whether you are growing your business or leaving a personal history, you need well-presented documents on a web page or a real page, whether these are reports, books, newsletters or blogs.

You can move your career forward with easy to read CVs, thesis and exam papers.

I work from a recording or handwriting so you can keep up the creative flow.

Learn more including typing prices:

Confidential, Professional Typing Services

Mailchimp Setup and Management

As a creative person, you know what you want your email newsletters to look like. But you hate the tech side. The jargon, such as tags, groups, and fields, are difficult to understand.

You don’t want to pay out a monthly fee for someone to run this for you, therefore you would like to manage it yourself.

I provide a Mailchimp setup service which includes an hour of online tuition to help get you going.

Another worry is being GDPR compliant. I make sure you comply with all the current guidelines. 

Call me on 07974 701526 for help with a

GDPR compliant newsletter

How Transcription and Typing Led To Mailchimp and Email Marketing

During my time in the corporate world, I worked as a secretary for chartered surveyors in the retail property and development sector. I would often type a letter, then address and send it to hundreds of estate managers or building contractors using Microsoft Word and Access database software.

This was the forerunner of modern email marketing because it works in a similar way and is very natural for me to use.

Therefore, whether you want to send a mail-shot or e-shot, I can help you.

I enjoy variety in my work, no doubt you do too. How has one type of work led to a different type for you?

Admin Support

I provide admin support while you enjoy the work you love. I do your paperwork or online forms.

You can reach more customers with newsletters and email marketing. Show how healthy your business is by keeping social media platforms updated.

I can help your business grow by keeping accurate details of contacts and potential leads – CRM.

Do what you enjoy while I chase invoices and contractors.

Click here to learn more about the admin support I provide

Get In Touch Today

Call or email and I will be happy to chat about your needs.

I’m full of bright ideas and my favourite question is

“Is it possible to….?”

I may not know the answer but I will find out for you. The admin support I give will help your business grow.

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