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I’m so annoyed. Why won’t technology just work?!

Why You Need Tech Support

Technology is great, we wouldn’t be without it and in theory it should make life easier but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work or does random things we don’t understand. I love tech and getting to grips with it, finding how it works and what it can achieve and I use this information to help my clients.

Keep It Simple

For every job you want to do there are 10s if not 100s of apps available, some easier to use than others. You may then spend time hunting around, learning and experimenting with a new app only to find it doesn’t do what you want it to do. I can source the right software for you saving you a lot of time and bother. For regular clients this is a free service.

Software Setup

Once you have decided on software or an app to use, the next thing is set-up. Sometimes this may only take a minute, other times it may need a lot of data importing or templates and automation may need to be set up before you can use it. I can do this for you as a one-off job so you can transition seamlessly. I also provide brief training videos to help you get familiar with your new software.


Cyber attacks and hacking seem to be regular news nowadays. Small businesses can be held to ransom with all files being locked unless a fee is paid to criminals. Small but tedious changes can make your business safer such as regular back-ups, changing passwords and using various passwords instead of just one. Talk to me about how I can take the drudgery out of this.

I’m full of bright ideas about how I can make your life easier.

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