I love (art, photography, making …) so much I’m going to earn my living this way so all I have to do is (paint, draw, take photos, make …)

Less Interruptions

Is that what you thought when you started your business only to find that instead of getting lost in the work you love you have to spend time doing admin, posting to social media, making phone calls, chasing up people, chasing invoices, sending out newsletters to name a few. Most likely sitting at a laptop, wrangling with new technology was not what you had in mind.

I can undertake that work on your behalf so that you can relax and enjoy your creations and progress your ideas.

Contact Details

You’ve been networking, had an enquiry or met a potential client in some way. What do you do now with their details? Add them as Kate Mentor or Paul Plumber? How do you make sure you follow up that lovely chat in a timely manner? I can add all your contact details into CRM software, set reminders for follow up or send a follow up on your behalf. This means more business coming your way, making the most of the new contacts you have made. In turn, this will result in your spending more time doing the work you love.

Social Media

It is recommended that you post to Twitter a minimum of 7 times a day and Facebook and LinkedIn 3 times a week. It doesn’t sound much but it seems to come round quickly when you are busy. I can set up a schedule of posts on your behalf so your business is being promoted whilst you do what you do best.


If you have ever made a change to your business address, tag line or contact details you will know how a day can soon disappear as you try to update every app, social media profile and directory.  Let me do that tedious work for you whilst you pick up your pen, paints or camera and enjoy that day instead.

“Liz really does “Love Typing”. She is very quick, accurate, calm and enthusiastic. Also, she has the all round secretarial skills of a first class Personal Assistant” – GH, Chester


The above work is known as VA work. A VA or Virtual Assistant is a Personal Assistant for whom you don’t have to pay NI, find a desk, or contribute to a pension. It does, however, make it easier to implement your ideas at a faster rate.

VA Work

£28 per hour

This sort of work needs a chat. So call me on 07974 701526. We can chat or arrange a video call to discuss your requirements. Or if you live around Wrexham and Chester we may be able to arrange to meet in person.

let's do this


More work for your business.
Your life remembered forever.
Your imagination becomes a world shared by others.